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Email Server

Purchase a dedicated Email server for a better deliverability. Our trusted and authenticated Email Server enables SMTP, POP3, and IMAP

Email Server

SAM WEB SOLUTION provides professional email server, Email hosting services, and bulk email hosting services to our customers across the globe. Our specialized email services help to manage up to date information of your email services and helping our clients to focus on their business without any struggling. We are providing reliable, secure and aesthetic email services to maintain your business process to meet your marketing demands. We are armed with specialized email servers with extreme security. If you would like to own a domain name for your business, you will get email services for your domain name extension with professional and secure email server services.

Security Email Services:

Keep maintaining your business email is a quite complex task. But, when you get email server and email hosting services from SAM WEB SOLUTION, you no need to worry about that. Our secure email hosting service helps to enhance your multi-purpose email business. We offer additional services such as premium spam production and save your hosted email from virus protection and keep your emails stand out from the unwanted advertisements etc.

Reliable Email Hosting Services:

Email hosting services are also similar to internet hosting services which help to operate by the email servers. This technique helps to manage electronic message between your own servers. Email hosting services are beneficial for both small size enterprises and development companies to maintain their custom email addresses with their own domain name. This allows a user to manage a variety of email addresses that pointing the same trailing addresses.

Our dedicated professionals at SAM WEB SOLUTION provides a variety of options to provide and maintain email hosting services and bulk email services to improve your demanding business needs. Some of the features involve in our reliable email hosting services are,

  • Convenient access
  • Spam and virus protection

Exchange Server:

SAM WEB SOLUTION specialized in Microsoft hosted exchange server to maintain your mail server without any intentions.

Uptime Guarantee:

We, professional team at SAM WEB SOLUTION provides uptime guarantee email server services when you feel your existing email is down. If you are using down time email server, it may affect the productivity and business enhancements. We promised that; provide uptime guarantee email hosting services to your business requirements.

Higher Volume Security:

We provide complete security for our email hosting services. Our fully managed anti-spam, anti-virus, SSL encryption services. Our email services fully compatible with outlook and outlook express etc. we provide integrated business applications with our professional email hosting services. Our email hosting services help manage all of your email services, as well as we, are providing the following functionalities are,

  • Auto Responders
  • Unlimited forwarders
  • Calendar
  • Unlimited alias
  • Mailing lists
  • White lists
  • Black lists
  • Archiving
  • Folder managements
  • Larger attachments
  • Contacts management
  • IMAP/POP3 online storage etc.

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