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A lot of organizations are still making mistakes by not taking a  Website Redesigning seriously and losing out their customers through online. If you want to improve your conversion rates, generate leads and boost your brand availability in online, you should ready to answer when your potential visitors are landing pages. Search engines also explain in their algorithm about the importance of reconstructing sites which are responsible for present and future devices. Consider search engines guidelines tend to have improved your website traffic, visitors, and conversion rates. Website Redesigning will improve user and search engine experience of your website.

Website Redesigning Service Provider

website redesigning services

Common mistakes should avoid when redesigning website

Website Redesign is not only mean to design your old website using advanced designing languages and frameworks. While constructing your website, should consider the current SEO strategies and the below-mentioned things carefully are,

  1. Tracking current performance analysis
  2. Missing out categories of website
  3. Proper Redirection
  4. Removing keyword optimization
  5. Removing Google analytics code

Tracking Current Performance Analysis

Tracking the current status or website performance analysis to your website will help to measure the success of your website rebranding or Website Redesigning. This performance report helps to compare with your website status once you launched. To see the accurate statistics of your redesigned website status, you must consider analyzing the following things are,

  • Organic sessions to the past year
  • Organic country based visitors to the past year
  • Organic city based visitors to the past year
  • Bounce rates to the past year
  • Organic order values to the past year
  • Organic business revenue to the past year
  • Current search engine rankings and visibility

Missing out categories of website

Defining the structure of your redesigning website is the essential part of website redesigning. It may assist you to identify if you lose traffic to the particular landing pages. If you would like to rid of your website by losing potential traffic, consider planning or removing sections or categories on the redesigning or rebranding website. A better navigation will help to improve users experience and keep them stay with your website.

If you would like to see the potential traffic change happened to your website when its redesigned, you can view directly from Google analytics property.

Proper Redirection

Messing up redirects – Once you have clear about that how your new website will is going to look, you should consider proper 301 redirections to your old website pages into new website pages. The proper 301 redirections will protect your site from losing your existing organic traffic. You may lose some 4 or 5% traffic when giving redirection.

Don’t give redirections to everything to focus on the home page. Prepare the chart and give redirection to the relevant pages as much as possible.

Removing Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is an important factor for every website. Meta tags elements such as title, descriptions, keywords, image alt names, and etc. have been removed when redesigning a website or launching a website. Hence, before launching your website into online, optimize keywords, titles, Meta tags to your redesigned site and prevent your site from losing it’s from their existing rankings in search engines results pages.

Removing Google Analytics Code

When launching your website, make sure about to keep the same Google analytics code on your website. If your website is already connected with Google analytics property, you can view and track the current website status and performance analysis when using the same analytics tracking code.

These are all the necessity things every website owners should consider when redesigning your website. Get Website Redesigning Services from best Website Redesigning Company to build your brand among your potential customer’s industry.

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