Guide to Google Algorithm Ranking Factors and Updates  

Google Factors Google Ranking Percentage
Link Building 28%
Unique Content 24%
Keyword Meta Titles 10%
Responsive Website 8%
High Specific Landing Page 7%
Loading Speed of Your Site 6%
Titles With Related to the Information on page 5%
Semantic(Design) Markups 4%
Social Media Signals 3%
Age of Site or Domain 2%
Keywords in Url 2%
Other Factors 1%
Totally 100%


Google Algorithm Ranking Factors

SEO Ranking Factors 2017

Google Algorithm Ranking Factors

Age of Domain

As Google has gotten more practical in understanding the quality of your websites (mainly, by inspecting their number and strength of links and whether they contain unique content), it looks like Age of the domain is not a big factor for ranking. But, with 2% share of the algorithm ranking factor, it’s still a small indicator of a trustworthy Website.

Keywords in your Domain

Having keywords in your domain is an important factor given by the Google. This helps your customers to reach you just by your domain name.

Link Building

By building more links your site gain more and more back links. By this, you can strengthen back links of your site or web page. Offer best Link Building

Unique Content

The contents that you provide through your website must be 100% unique content and should avoid the repeated content. This can be done by eliminating duplicate contents. Unique contents offer the best impression on your site and web page.

Responsive Website  

A Website which is responsive can be operated by many devices. This helps your site to reach more and more customers so that you can reach your sales position. Build Responsive Websites.

High Specific Landing Page

High Specific Landing Page helps your business to increase conversion rate. This factor directly supports your business goals and it also helps to generate information of your site or web page.

Titles with Related to the Information on page

Relevant titles to your content provide the best information to your customers about your products and service that you are offering through your business.

Semantic (Design) Markups

They are the main factor of Search Engine Ranking because of maintainable codes, easy codes to style and at last usage of the right tool for your Web Designing Service.

Social Media Signals

Social Media Signals is also another Search Engine which acts as best marketing place for your business leads. Go hand in with best Social Media Marketing.

Keywords in Url

Usage of keywords in URLs give the best optimization to the content present in the URL and can easily be visible on search engine result page for your customers which searching for your keywords.

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