Search Engine Ranking:

Search Engine Ranking is the process of knowing which position you are placed on the search page. The ranking is based mainly on the weight age of the content information. Search Engine Ranking differs from one keyword to other. Search Engine Ranking depends on the particular link page it doesn’t include the whole website. Ranking can be improved by on and off page optimization. Let us discuss in detail about what are all the strategy involved to improve search engine ranking,

Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Ranking strategy

On & Off Page Optimization:

On page optimization:

On page, optimization is the working process done while building a website

On Page Optimization:

  • Content (quality, research, words, engagement, freshness)
  • Html (title, description, headers, meta/alt tags)
  • System (crawler/robots, page load time, URLs (short/keywords) Search engine indexing)
  • Blackhat (cloaking, paid links, spam, stuffing)
  • CSS (layout, bold/strong tags, Em tags)


The search engine will first check the quality of the content which you are submitting. Whether the content of the page is related to the title of the topic.

Search Engine will check out what all the research work that the information that you have collected under related topics

Analyzing the length of the content which comes under the rule of the minimum number of words.

Engage the visitors through linking with social sites.

The search engine checks the freshness of the content comparing to all the content to check the originality of the content.

Html: (Hyper Text Markup Language)

Title tags are used for giving the title of the content which is used in the top of the page

Description of the content is that which keywords are used in the content

Headers also are known as heading tags is used for choosing the size of the headings and sub headings (h1, h2, h3)

Alt tags is used to give the alternative name for title in the image


Crawling is the process of analyzing the quality of the content.

In crawling process Search Engine will analyze the loading time of the page.

Then it will lookout for the important links about the page.

Then the final stage takes place is indexing your content, give the ranking to the webpage.


BlackHat: (Illegal Technique)

It is the technique of misleading the search engine with one content and visitors with the other unrelated page information

Getting paid links and stuffing in the page to get ranked instead of creating own links

Spamming is giving unrelated content on the site to get indexed quickly

Stuffing the keywords more than necessary to improve ranking of the page


CSS: (Cascading Style Sheet)

In CSS the page layout is more important, things you have to look out are bold/strong tags and EM tags should consist of italic to get noticed by the search engine

Off Page optimization:

Off page optimization processes to improve the ranking of a website by content, blogs, articles, images, videos.

Off Page Optimization:

  • Links (quality, text/keywords, inbound numbers)
  • Trust (authority, history, SSL)
  • Personal (country, locality, history, social)
  • Social (reputation, shares/Likes, links)


Link to the website should be built with the good quality of content related backlinks.

The link should have related keywords and text which the page.

The ranking depends on how many links that you are connected with other related website.

You have link to the popular pages which helps in improving your visitors


Developing trust is based on buyer satisfaction. Once a customer gets a good opinion about your product. He will surely start purchasing your products regularly.

Here the history of your product is necessary. This not only helps in building trust. This also increases the popularity of the writer.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used to keep the information confidential which is shared between the browser and the server.


Now day’s users are more specific about their searches if they require searching in a particular country or worldwide. Searches are based on the requirement of the user.

Personal history is the most important element to improve ranking, like which country the site has registered.

The social page can be created and this page will show the featured search for your friends in the list. This helps in improving the search of your page.

Social Media Marketing:

By adding genuine content related Blogs, Articles, Images, Videos, in your page is one of the ways to increase your reputation in social media.

You can share pages with followers if they like your page they will give likes to your page this increased popularity of your page

This is more likely to keep the visitors engage with your site.

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