13 Effective ways to increase blog SEO traffic

Write Guest post on popular blogging sites:

An enormous amount of traffic will exist in any specialty as set up online journals. The idea is basic: compose visitor posts or guest posts for them and meet another crowd. Making your guest posts truly emerge these days is the dubious part. Put the time in, however, this one is well justified, despite all the trouble in the event that you need more amount of traffic.

ways to increase blog traffic

ways to improve blog traffic

SEO traffic

Encourage shares:

Optimize social buttons in your blogs and encourage shared activity. This will make a chance to share your blog posts with your readers. It helps to create reputation to your blog posts.

Build strong Google+ profile and optimize it on your blog:

Getting Google plus authorship, building Google plus profile and optimizing it with your blogs will drive targeted traffic to your blog networks. Improve your post visibility by sharing or connecting your Google plus profile within your blogs.

Add twitter follow button:

Twitter is one of the popular social media sites which make the chance to share your contents with the world. Optimize your twitter profile with your details and create the effective bio. After that, support audiences to retweet your posts. Engage people or offer a retweet. This will help to build long term twitter followers and build effective communication among them.

Drive organic traffic from search engines:

Build strong on the page and off page SEO strategy to your business. Optimize your blogs with descriptive titles, descriptions and keywords, optimizing your URL name, improving mobile loading speed, optimizing sitemap and robots.txt to improve search engine experience, give suitable titles and alternative names to the images and infographics used in your blog, Improving canonical tags and internal linking strategy, optimizing social media sharing buttons, building external backlinks by sharing your blog posts on high authority and Page rank sites etc. if you following these activities in a right manner, you can drive organic traffic from popular search engines.

Write niche-oriented articles:

Writing interesting niche oriented articles and blog posts about your products and services used to attain your audiences. This will help them to find out your products easy.

Create Infographic and video content:

Creating interesting videos and infographic contents help your audiences to commit with your offerings. Nowadays people would like to prefer infographics and informative video contents to make their search effective. Hence, create eye-catcher infographics and submit it to the right platform or within your blog or website itself.

 Do a live demo

Know anybody that claims a business? Present a welcome on your Facebook friends, make a PowerPoint presentation, and set up a live demo of how to blog. You’d be astonished what number of will turn out and the informal exchange that outcomes will be amazing!

Encourage other bloggers to get referral traffic

Encourage other bloggers to link your blog posts on their blogs. And, link their blogs to your blogs to improve link sharing. This will help your blogs to get referral traffic from your neighbor blogs.

Build or redesign website

Build the new website or update your old website by redesigning it. You require a responsive web design to appropriately update your website for versatile clients. Next, get those workhorses called presentation pages improved for mobile phones. These means will permit you to exploit more top line income, because of better engagement, more movement, and expanded deals.

Keep in active and response comments

Keep In active your blogs and posts contents on regularly. By the time, respond your audience’s comments within the timely manner. This will make a good opinion about your blog and they might suggest your blogs around their friend’s circles.

Write unique articles and publish it

Content is the king of SEO and Traffic. When you want to promote your blog and drive targeted traffic to it. The first thing you should do is, writing a unique and interesting article and share it to blogs and high authority social bookmarking sites to get targeted amount of traffic. Search engines also prefer unique contents to get higher rankings.

Sign-up and Newsletters

Optimize sign-up and newsletters call to action button on your blog. This will help to identify the interest of your visitors and let them update.

SEO traffic

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