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When you own a website – be it an individual site or business site, there are various things you should do keeping in mind the end goal to look after it. Here is a rundown of 10 of those things with a clarification of what should be done to confirm everything off your list:

Web Maintenance services

website maintenance

Domain Name – Ensure the domain name is enlisted. A few people don’t know when their domain name is going to expire and after that their site goes down without them notwithstanding knowing. Likewise, check to reach the information you provided is right – particularly for the Administrative Contact. This is who will get messages with respect to the domain name expiring. What’s best is to have this set up as the “info@” (for instance, info@yourdomain.com) email account. This email record ought to be a gathering account so that more than one individual gets the email from it.

Website Software – If your website is using a Content Management System (CMS for short) or any kind of scripts (PHP, Perl, DotNet/ASP, etc.), at that point, you have to ensure that software product remains up and coming. Check for redesigns from the software distributor. Likewise, your site host ought to redesign the center server programming. For example, they ought to apply fixes and upgrades for things like the web service, file transfer protocol service, and database running on the server. On the off chance that you run your own web server, then you ought to apply and testing these upgrades yourself.

Web Statistics – Regularly known as “web statistics,” this is the program or service in charge of reporting that is going to your website, how they arrived and where they originate from. You need to stay up with the latest on your website activity so you can enhance your website and have it rank better.

Content – Content updating process should be the monitor on regular basis. It involves adding, removing and updating contents within your own website. The contents vary in the form of images, videos, articles, product descriptions, updates about your company events etc.

Testing – Testing is the effective way to check out your website functionalities such as login form, signup, newsletter signup, subscription forms etc. By testing these functionalities, you can make sure whether these functionalities are working well or not.

Link Checking – Inbound and outbound links are the essential things for getting higher ranking in search engines. Checking broken links in your website and also removing low-quality external links which are pointing to your website. Keep building fresh links and improving quality internal links will boost your ranking.

Backups – Verify whether backups of your site and database are being finished. Additionally, watch that the backups work and can be restored without issues.

Design – Make sure your website is working fine with all the latest browsers and their updated versions. A designing website which is flexible for the multiple mobile devices and different screen sizes.

Website Errors – Find out the technical issues and fix the possible errors using webmaster tools. Fix crawling and other reasonable issues to improve your website’s performance.

Check Load Time – Website loading time is one of the important factors to rank better in search engines. Improve your website loading speed by reducing JavaScript and CSS files to make better user and search engine experiences.

Web Maintenance

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