Optimize your Business on Google page

Business on Google page- when it comes to search engine use and new customers finding your business, Google is Master of the Universe, it is necessary to understand how Google My Business is important to list ranking in Google search results. Google business services help business owners to share information about their stores, products, and geographic locations, and it’s not just a place to find basic information about the business. Google My Business tool, if it is used properly that can increase revenue and provide valuable insights about your customers.

Benefits of a Google My Business are

  • Description
  • Services
  • Posts
  • Messaging
  • Reviews
  • Videos
Google My Business

How to Optimize your Business on Google

Description- business owners need to write a short description of their business after few years like offer, history or anything else which is helpful to your customers according to Google’s guidelines.

Services- relate to the description, it’s another latest addition to Google My Business to add products and services to your listing and this is written by the business owner.

Posts- it’s a special event to represent your business, it is used to promote events and special offers or spotlight on the specific product.

Messaging- this feature gives the opportunity to users to send text messages directly to the business, from straight to Google My Business listing.

Reviews- it is not new or little-known feature of Google My business, this should be actively cultivated reviews and feedback asking by customers. Once review as left, respond to it whether it is bad or good, should be responding to all reviews.


 Videos- this is the awesome power of video marketing, retain 95% of messages when they watch a video and 10% when reading it in a text. About their business users started to add 30-second video in Google My Business listing and it will appear in the overview tab of the dashboard.

Google My Business mistakes to avoid

  • Incorrect business information is one of the most common business mistakes and which is easy to fix.
  • Look out for duplicate listings because of any other Google My Business profiles as setting up already
  • Another common mistake, if the business moves to a new location, again you need to update the information on your existing listing rather than creating a new one.

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