Local SEO Checklists for Small Business In 2017

Local SEO Checklists

Local SEO checklists for small business in 2017 are the process of enhancing your web page for a location based on their keywords that will be listed in the top ranking of organic search engine results. A web page of local SEO Checklists in 2017 appears in the first position of the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.

SEO checklist in 2017

Local SEO checklist for business

We have some premium services to operate in Local SEO Checklists for Small Business in 2017 they are


  • Title optimization
  • Meta description tag
  • URL/permalink structure
  • Content Optimization
  • Mobile friendly sites
  • Outbound links
  • Internal links
  • Heading optimization
  • Keyword density
  • Image Optimization


Title tag tells search engines about what a page in your website,

  • Use the keyword in the Keep the ideal title with the length of 55-60 characters.
  • Title tag, the keyword should start from the beginning of the title.
  • Always place the title in <h1> tags.


Meta description tag is an element which provides a brief description of the search page with keywords.

  • Write the unique and relevant description of each page.
  • The description must be around 160 characters.


Uniform resources locator (URL) is the main address of a web page.

  • Make the URL short, self-explanatory, and keyword rich.
  • Avoid using the dates in the URL, always use hyphens (-), no use of underscore (_) and the capital letter in the URL.


Content plays the major important role in SEO.

  • Bold your focus keyword, highlight your key points and use bullets where ever necessary in appropriate condition
  • The keyword should appear in the first 100 words of the article, use LSI keywords in the content of your web page.
  • Every page should contain the <H1> tag with the relevant keyword, use <H2> tag for the subheadings.


  • The number of mobile searches and browsing increasing every day responsive and mobile friendly sites has become crucial for SEO.
  • Check out the Google tools to see if your site is mobile-friendly.


  • Outbound links are the links that direct you to another web page with relevant content.
  • It is recommended to have the 2-3 bound links for each and every 1000 words.


  • Internal links are the links that direct to different pages on the same website.
  • Use at least 2-3 posts on your website.
  • Use proper anchor test that both readers and search engines can easily understand.


Off page, optimization is a technique which is used to improve the ranking of a web page in the search engine results. Off page has to do with promotion methods (i.e.) beyond the web page design.

How can they improve the Local SEO CHECKLIST for small business in 2017?

  • Optimize your size and content
  • Research your keywords
  • Create or claim your local hosting
  • Get your business on Google local
  • Ask for genuine reviews
  • Be consistent
  • Local outreach
  • Optimize your social profiles
  • Go mobile
  • Analyze and monitor your results.

Advantages of Local SEO Checklists:

  • High ranking
  • Increased conversations
  • More brand visibility and awareness
  • Increased ROI
  • Customized results
  • Google prefer small business

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