When your personal or business website is created and it is ready to publish, you must undergo Web Hosting service in order to make your website visible to everyone around the world.

Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Services are hosting services which is produced on the internet, to make personal or Organization Website to be visible for each and every internet users around the world. Web Hosting Service provides a wide space for your website or web page by which it can be accessed by anyone around the world.

Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Service Provider in India

There are some of the important features that has to be noted while hosting a web service

  • Advanced DNS has to be maintained
  • Security system has to be well secured
  • Guard protection must be provided
  • Email Forwarding and URL forwarding must be driven
  • Parking Page facility must be provided
  • Unlimited web space, bandwidth, emails, FTP must be included in the Web Hosting
  • Virus must be checked and cleaned
  • CPU power and capacity of RAM must be high

Some of the Web Hosting Services are,

Domain Registration

Domain Registration is a registration process which is used to register the domain name on the web. This is also used to identify more than one Internet Protocol (IP) Address with a name.

Domain Name Server (DNS)

Domain Name Server (DNS) is a Phone Book which is comparable to the Internet. DNS helps to maintain a directory which consists of domain names and transfer them to Internet Protocol (IP_ Addresses. DNS is an important service in Web Hosting because it provides Internet Protocol (IP) for computer or other machines to access your website.

Installation Services

Installation Service is a process of installing DNS server. Installation of DNS is done in order to operate a directory which consists of domain names. It is also used to transfer domain names to Internet Protocol.

Process of Installing Domain Name Server (DNS)

  • Go to -> Server Manager Panel -> Click on Server Manager
  • Add Roles -> Under Role Summary Tab
  • Click next -> when panel appears
  • Click DNS Server -> on Roles List then -> Click Next
  • Read the Information that appears on the page
  • Go to next page
  • Click on Confirm installation options
  • Verify your DNS Server role
  • Finally Click -> Installation Button

Web Hosting Service Provider in India

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